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Nelson County is located in the Commonwealth of Virginia and holds approximately 15,000 people. Lovingston is the county seat. Nelson County is located just outside of the Charlottesville area and is considered part of the metro area.

Many homes in the area were constructed with the Colonial architectural style at the time of the English settlement in Virginia during the early 17th century.

Located nearby, our professionals at Cavalier Window Cleaning have helped those in Nelson County and surrounding areas clean up the exteriors of their homes. Our power washing services can serve homeowners with professional Window Cleaning, Power Washing, and Gutter Services.

Hand Window Cleaning Services in Nelson County

If you want the best in window cleaning, you’ll want our hand cleaning services for your windows. With hand cleaning, you’re ensured that every nook and cranny of your window is thoroughly cleaned. There’s not much today that can beat a good, old fashioned hand cleaning.

Taking cleaning back to its simplest form doesn’t mean its easier. In fact, there is much talent to cleaning windows with this method. Streaks, smudges, and missed dirt aren’t going to happen with our services. When you want the safest solution there is, call us for this time tested solution to keeping your windows looking great.

Power Washing Services in Nelson County

We can power wash any surface of your home’s exterior. Different strengths of materials determine what method is best used in different areas of your home. Soft washing is often used in areas where the materials are vulnerable to damage, such as on old stucco or brick.

Other areas need a thorough full-forced power wash to get clean. We use environmentally friendly products to assist with our services. In this way, with a combination of techniques, we can keep your whole home looking great.

Exterior Siding Cleaning in Nelson County

Is the siding of your home looking stained with algae or dirt grime? Cleaning it up is important so that the materials are protected from potential problems that can occur such as mold growth.

Once algae or mold take hold, it’s hard to permanently remove, especially on older homes with siding that isn’t manufactured to resist mold or algae growth from infiltrating the underside of the siding. We’ll help your siding to look new again with our exterior siding cleaning services.

When you need professional power washers that have the knowledge and training to thoroughly and safely clean the outside of your home, you can’t go wrong with Cavalier Window Cleaning & Power Washing, Inc.


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Nelson County, VA

If you are looking for Power Washing Services in Nelson County, please call 434-823-1737 or 540-910-1434 or complete our online request form.

Cavalier Window Cleaning & Powerwashing


My Wife and I had the best experience yesterday with your company. I cannot believe the difference in how our windows look. The detail and service was exceptional. Thank you!! WOW!!
Corbin | Charlottesville, VA
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I wanted to let you know that we were very impressed and extremely pleased with all the work that was completed yesterday at our home. Please send our regards and thanks to the team that was onsite...
Kim | Charlottesville, VA
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I just wanted to tell you that the guys that came out here on Tuesday to power wash our home did a FANTASTIC job!!! We are EXTREMELY pleased with the results. Thank you,
Andrea | Barboursville, VA
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